Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just Listen: Cyané and her Baby Blue

Carlos Pesina (a.k.a. Pepepe) sent over an album by Cyané last night, a musician with whom he often collaborates with. The album, My Baby Blue, is filled with beautiful Larkin Grimm-esque guitar and vocal progression. With songs in both Spanish and English, I think the one that stands out most to me is "I Am". A gradually climbing guitar melody, haunting lyrics and vocal layering all bring out a wonderful emotion for me. Carlos has a favourite as well, he mentions that "Burbuja" stands out to him. With a very natural feeling of joy surrounding this track, it's hard not to like it. Cyané really knows how to tell a story with her music, there is something almost wounded about it all. This album makes me adore the Mexican music scene even more. Check below for three tracks from My Baby Blue and visit her MySpace for more music.

Cyané - "I Am" (download)

Cyané - "Burbuja" (download)
Cyané - "Aves, Volar Asi" (download)

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