Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just Listen: Frienddddd

What a discovery! UK's Friend, shines like jewels and golden coins in a long forgotten treasure chest. The kind that's covered in seaweed and weighs like a billion pounds, and you need five people to scuba dive into the ocean and help you carry it aboard your vessel. That kind of treasure chest. "Doki" sparkles and shimmers with just the right consistency of sparkling and shimmering complete with steel drums, coconuts and a tropical rush of musical flavour that blows through your thick, and sandy hair. I haven't heard something as fresh as this since High Places invaded in 2007. I highly suggest you check them out over at their official official official website, or their MySpace. Enjoy the track below, and the lovely music video for "Doki". Thanks to Carlos Pesina [a.k.a. Pepepe] for turning me towards such colourful music.

Friend - "Doki" (download)

FRIEND - DOKI from FRIEND on Vimeo.

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