Monday, June 8, 2009


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There are a few reasons I appreciate Chicago-based electro-pop duo KNIIFE PRRTY. One is that I was introduced to them through a discussion about Khia of "My Neck My Back" fame. Another is that Kylie Minogue is the artist that comes on in my iTunes when their record ends. Memo to KNIIFE PRRTY members: I suggest a "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" cover. Just sayin'.

The third is that their music is stellar. KNIIFE PRRTY's sound is icy and smooth, like that exclusive party you wanted to sneak into when you were younger but didn't because you were too intimidated. Except these songs are definitely approachable; "Change Your Mind" is like Junior Boys at their sexiest, a suave anthem to girlfriend-stealing. "Give me a minute / I'll change your mind," the chorus goes. Except my mind is already made up: KNIIFE PRRTY is pretty awesome.

KNIIFE PRRTY - "Change Your Mind" (Download)

BONUS: You didn't think I'd let you get out of here without listening to some Khia and Kylie, did you?

Khia vs. Crookers - "My Neck My Knobb (Sqzmylmns Smashup)" (Download)

Kylie Minogue vs. Ludacris - "Can't Lick You Out Of My Bed" (Download)


Slumberland said...

The Khia vs Crookers is SOOO HOT.

Matthew Hunter said...

Possible to re-post links?? xx

Your Ex-Lover said...

Links fixed! :)

major iTunes said...

Crookers @ iTunes:

Hayley said...

The Khia vs. Crookers link won't work for me :(