Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just Listen: Micachu

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I love it when music surprises me. In an era where most bands are just retreads of other bands, Micachu delivers honest-to-goodness original music. The best point of reference I can give for their debut album Jewellery is The Unicorns, solely on the facet that made both groups so enjoyable: quirkiness.

These are what I've decided are the stages of enjoying Jewellery.

1. Pique Of Interest

On first listen, it's hard to fully take in what you're hearing. There's a lot of random noise, but there's also strong hooks that come out of nowhere and grab you every once and a while. You decide to give it another listen sometime soon.

2. Denial

You've listened to it for a second time, and while you believe that it's a "fun" record, it's just not strong enough to keep in high rotation. You decide to forget about it.

3. Cravings

It's been a day or two, and suddenly you find yourself humming the tune to "Calculator" in public or tapping your foot to a silent version of "Golden Phone" while sitting in class. You go home and immediately put Jewellery on again.

4. Love

At this point, you've stopped rejecting this record and embraced it for it's ingenuity. "Lips" evolves into a fucking jam, and you begin telling everyone you know that "Vulture" will change their life.

5. Dance Parties

You've forced Micachu on every single one of your friends, and after a short while they make it through all the stages and arrive at this final and most important one. Debauchery ensues.

Jewellery is a gift from the indie gods, as refreshing as a glass of Nestea on a hot day (none of that Brisk shit). Pick it up here, grab the mp3 of my favourite song below, and check the video that I probably would recommend as vid of the week tomorrow if I wasn't so impatient.

Micachu - "Golden Phone" (Download)

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