Friday, June 12, 2009

Track Review: He can't be, and he won't be stopped.

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Cazwell holds a special place in my heart. In an odd kind of way, he's part of how YE-LID started; I was looking for a way to show his hilarious video for "I Seen Beyonce At Burger King", and while I had always wanted to start a music blog, this is what more or less pushed me over the edge.

The oft-shirtless rapper is back with an upcoming album entitled Watch My Mouth. The first single is "Get My Money Back", and what I love about it is how deeply its sound is rooted in the gay club scene Cazwell is such a big part of. The hook is killer, an electro monstrosity that is crazy addictive (20 plays in my iTunes and counting; I was sent this mp3 earlier this evening). No one's going to mistake Cazwell for Kanye with his rapping skills, but on a track like this that's so beat-heavy his flow is more than passable.

"Y'all so stupid / All I did was find this beat and loop it," he rhymes, and he's completely right. "Get My Money Back" sounds effortless, a straight up party jam that's meant for nights of dancing and debauchery. I'm sincerely hoping the rest of Watch My Mouth ends up this fun.

Cazwell - "Get My Money Back" (Download)

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