Saturday, June 27, 2009

Track Review: An Horse - "Company"

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YouTube is a wonderful thing. Somehow, watching clips from Skins led me to seeing a fan video for some song by a band called An Horse, the name of which naturally drives me nuts since I have some undiagnosed disorder where poor grammar makes me break out in hives and start throwing shit (alright, that was a slight exaggeration). Once I got past that, though, "Company" immediately became one of my favourite songs.

It's the kind of track that stops you in your tracks and really makes you listen. The caveat is that it sounds far too much like a Tegan & Sara tune - whom they opened for on tour, unsurprisingly - than should really be allowed. That caveat dissipates rather quickly, though, once you realize that while they may be aping Tegan & Sara's shtick, they do it oh so well. The formula is down to a tee: borderline emo lyrics, swelling guitars that aim straight for your heart, and a booming sing-along chorus that is begging to be your Facebook status.

How can I love a band so much when they sound so much like another band? Because once you get past the surface similarities, An Horse is a completely different, um, animal. Lead singer Kate Cooper has one of the most affecting voices I've heard in a while; it's rarely pitch perfect, always quivering like her lyrics are pouring out of her so powerfully that she may break down at any moment.

"You said I'm out on a ledge / Come stand with me," sings Cooper, and when she follows with, "I need the company," your heart melts, your eyes water, and you want nothing more than to be either standing out there with her or waiting on your own precipice for your love to come along and save you like she so desperately wants herself. It's absolutely breathtaking.

Go pick up one of my new favourite albums of the year, Rearrange Beds, right here.

An Horse - "Company" (Download)

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