Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Track Review: Los Amparito Remix of What..??

Pepepe (Carlos Pesina), one of our favourite artists around here, who should already be one of yours if you read the blog quite frequently, just remixed a Panda Bear track.

Yeah, you read it right, and guess what track he remixed?

That's right. "Bros". He couldn't have picked a better track to remix nor could he have done a better job on the remix. It is so cheerful and full of celebratory energy with a nearly all-new melody and shimmering beat. Pepepe (under his Los Amparito moniker) gives us the absolute perfect balance of percussion and musical flavour, which carries Panda Bear's voice like a raft down a river. It's short and sweet, and I've been listening to it on "repeat" for quite a while now. Check out Carlos' work as Los Amparito over here, and click here to check out his Los Amparito remix of Animal Collective's "Brothersport" if you haven't already heard it. "Bros" always moved me in unexplainable ways, and Carlos Pesina has just upped the ante by making it sound fresh and new.

Aaaaahhhhh happiness.

Panda Bear - "Bros (Los Amparito - Banda Pear Remix)" (download)

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