Friday, June 26, 2009

Track Review: R. Kelly > Jeremih

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Fuck you, Jeremih.

So, just to recap: not only did R. Kelly go on Jeremih's truly terrible "Birthday Sex" and tear it out the park, but now he's proceeded to release a far, far superior song. I'm not saying there's some brewing feud between the two, but for some reason "Birthday Sex" infuriated me so much that ever since I've felt the need to compare the new kid on the scene with the scene's godfather, and Kells has just proven that he is still, in fact, the king.

Not only does "Number One" dominate with its aphrodisiacal monster of a slow jam beat, but as Rich over at fourfour pointed out, the hilarity of calling a song "Number One" after being charged with urinating on a minor is UNREAL. Everything R. Kelly does is accompanied with a wink and smile, which makes the track that much more wonderful. And just to top it all off, Keri Hilson provides one her best vocal performances to date.

Colour me impressed. "Number One" is what The-Dream tried to do but mostly failed on Love Vs. Money. Move over, Jeremih, you've had your fun; R. Kelly is back in town.

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