Thursday, July 9, 2009

Billboard Thursday: Green Day - "21 Guns"

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Yay, it's the acoustic version of "Holiday"! Wait, this is a new song? In that case, fuck "21 Guns". Demi Lovato already did this in 2009, and did it better I might add.

I'm sick of Green Day's faux-political anti-war sentiments that have enough gloss on them to make Lil Mama proud. "21 Guns" is the sound of Billie Joe and co. phoning it in. They've realized that their fans will literally buy anything no matter how shitty it is as long as they leave some sort of "war is bad!" sentiment involved to make them sound like they're going against the establishment. Newsflash: no one likes war. It is generally accepted that war is bad, even by the new President. Move the fuck on and say something unique or meaningful for once.

Now, I realize that "21 Guns" isn't really about war, and is more about the war with oneself. The war metaphor is stlll there, though, and it's lazy. The lyrics really are awful if you read them. It's like they said, "Hey, those Simple Plan guys are still kind of popular. And they don't even have to work for it! Lets try that." And thus we get lines like, "When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul," and other such shit.

This song makes me visibly angry. Yes, Green Day, American Idiot was successful. Excellent at times, even. But "21 Guns" is just an awful retread, the kind of track that makes you hate that such music exists and is purchased for actual money from actual retailers who take the time to ship in actual physical copies. I beg of you: no more.

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