Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Bought My First Vinyl Record Yesterday

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As a music enthusiast, the aesthetic qualities of an old vinyl record have never been lost on me. It's just, I've never owned a record player with which to play them, nor have I ever had the money to go out and purchase them.

Yesterday morning I was going garage saling with my mom, and I came across a box full of records, twenty-five cents each. I began to look through them for kicks, and suddenly discovered that whoever was giving them away obviously had decent taste back in the day. If you ignore their John Mellencamp fetish, there was a ton of Prince, New Order, and Billy Idol records, among other things.

The one that caught my eye the most and caused me to buy a bunch of them was the Pet Shop Boys' 1987 release Actually. The cover is stunning, and now that I've gotten into it, the album is unbelievable as well. So now I can officially say I own vinyl, and I can thank the Pet Shop Boys. This album's going to become very special for me. I can feel it.

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