Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just Listen: Reverie Sound Revue

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Radio Free Roscoe, a.k.a. what I believe to be the greatest unwatched teen dramedy of all time, impacted my life in two major ways.

1. It gave me something to look forward to at 7:30 and 10:30 of every weekday.
2. It introduced me to Reverie Sound Revue.

You see, the premise was that four high school kids start their own underground radio station (under secret identities!) to combat the oh-so-mainstream voice of their high school station. What made the show interesting was not only did it have some compelling - albeit cliched - teen storylines, but it also integrated some pretty decent music into the program, with a focus on undiscovered Canadian pop talent. One such pop talent RFR showcased was Reverie Sound Revue.

In the four or five years since RFR was cancelled, I've been waiting for a full-length release from this group. And suddenly I have it: their self-titled debut, available as of June 23.

Gorgeousness. No other word can describe the music of Reverie Sound Revue, a band that relies on soft electro-pop and the unparalleled vocal stylings of lead singer (and touring Broken Social Scene member) Lisa Lobsinger. There's nothing groundbreaking in the mix - easy melodies, solid drumming, electronic flourishes - but it's Lobsinger's showstopping vocal chords that make every song special to listen to. Some may call it a bit sleepy, I call it beautiful. Because sometimes you just don't want to listen to Animal Collective.

Go pick up the album, and check out new single "Arrows" below.

Reverie Sound Revue - "Arrows" (Download)

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