Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Show Stopper: Hillside Festival (Saturday)

Saturday was an interesting day. My volunteer shift was set to start at 8 a.m., and yet there I was, waking up in a tent that was not my own at 8:30. Luckily, I was able to sneak in and not get noticed (I think) for being late. Wildly hungover, I sat and looked through a program while Sunni and I shared breakfast ("For my three choices, am I allowed to order home fries, home fries, and home fries?").

Our shift was over by noon. Our original plan was to head and see Green Go, but we decided that a nap was absolutely necessary if our day was to continue properly. We ended up laying in our adjacent tents for two hours discussing randomness ("What was that from last night? MDM..." "Uh...A.") before forcing ourselves up to see Ohbijou at three. Sadly, due to lateness we were only able to sit outside and listen to their performance, as the area was completely packed.

After what was dubbed Nap 2.0, we managed to see a brief bit of the Timber Timbre set before heading out for dinner. We decided that we should position ourselves at the Island Stage around eight o'clock to get up front for Woodhands at nine. This meant we'd catch some band called Library Voices beforehand, who we had never heard of. And am I glad we did.

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<3 Library Voices <3

This was my favourite surprise of the weekend. Library Voices play Los Campesinos! style pop, and anyone who knows me knows I ADORE Los Campesinos! style pop. I loved how it was clear how much fun they were having and that they really enjoyed playing together. I kept turning to Sunni and saying, "I can't believe how amazing these guys are!" Truly wonderful.

Library Voices - "Love In The Age Of Absurdity" (Download)

And then came the dance party.

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Woodhands from behind.

Woodhands was absolutely unbelievable. They had us dancing from the first drum beat, and what followed was a delirious mess of synths, drums, and epic bass. Everything was danceable. People went crazy.

Woodhands - "Dancer" (Download)

After an encore was demanded by the crowd, Woodhands left and were replaced with The Arkells, the closing act.

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Rock rock rock.

Now, to be completely honest, The Arkells aren't exactly my cup of tea. They're a bit too bar-rock-oriented for my tastes. However, they did put on a great live show. I was worried after the collective crowd orgasm that was Woodhands that there may be a letdown, but to the band's credit they managed to keep the energy going throughout the show and even got called out for an encore themselves.

The Arkells - "Oh The Boss Is Coming" (Download)

And that's it for Saturday. My Sunday post should be up tomorrow, which involves more naps, poor volunteering, and potentially the most amazing live performance I've ever seen.

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