Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Track Review: Joy

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It's a beautiful sunny day outside, at least where I am. It's not too hot. There's a light breeze that washes over you right when you think you're getting a bit too warm, as if on cue. A few clouds are in the sky, but they're the nice, fluffy clouds that make you want to roll around in them. Surrounding them is a perfect shade of blue.

Here to soundtrack such a day is Fool's Gold. "Surprise Hotel" is warm, fuzzy, joyous, luscious, delectable, hyperbolic. It's the kind of song that causes you to forget that you're a music critic and just enjoy it. While Vampire Weekend makes afro-pop for the kids, "Surprise Hotel" is afro-pop for everyone. It's worldly, danceable, and most importantly, universally enjoyable. A fan of the genre or not, it's impossible to deny how infectious this song is.

Whether or not it's sunny or pouring rain in your part of the world, let this song transport you to a better place. Because it has that power, which is a special, special thing.

Fool's Gold - "Surprise Hotel" (Download)

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