Friday, July 17, 2009

Track Review: Waves Of Sound

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Listening to Pictureplane's Fleetwood Mac sampling track "Goth Star", it's pretty hard not to have some kind of emotional response. I was walking to work half-drunk the other day with it on repeat, and I realized: I wish I lived in a world where everyone stayed that kind of almost drunk where you're completely aware of everything going on around you but you just kind of lose all sense of restraint. And I wish "Goth Star" soundtracked every day in that world.

It's propulsive, with its electro backbone that pushes you forward only to bring you back moments later, like a wave. It's also super addictive; the vocal samples get in your head, and fast. It's hard to describe the other facets of this song. It's meant to be listened to and experienced, not written about. So go ahead, check the mp3 below, and let it all just wash over you.

Pictureplane - "Goth Star" (Download)

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