Monday, July 13, 2009

Track Review: Wherein Darren Educates On The Two Kinds Of Sex Appeal

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In my opinion, sexiness comes in two different forms: the blatant and the subtle. Sex appeal is a completely arbitrary concept, but the art of how it's presented is pretty much universal.

Amanda Blank is as blatant as they come. It's like she's driving the bus of her hotness, and she hits you with it every time you listen to her. "Might Like You Better" is the engine of said bus, an ass-shaking firecracker of epic proportions. There is no denying: this is baby-making music, or rather accident-baby-making music. Lines like, "Just get inside me / Like you better if you just ride me," don't leave much room for interpretation. Blank is hot and horny, and she beats you over the head with it. This could turn some off from her sound. To my ears, it's fucking catchy as hell.

Amanda Blank - "Might Like You Better" (Download)

Blog princess La Roux goes another route. "Tigerlily" is a subtle come-on, the girl slyly inviting us into her dark, sexy underworld. "Tonight out on the streets I'm gonna follow you," she sings, and from her mouth it sounds less creepy and more intriguing. It's the musical equivalent of softcore porn: in contrast with Blank's XXX, La Roux hints at what's going on without giving it all away up front. "You're burning with desire for a kiss," she coos. She's toying with us. It's just as hot as "Might Like You Better", just in a wholly different way.

La Roux - "Tigerlily" (Download)

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