Thursday, August 27, 2009

Billboard Thursday: Jason DeRulo - "Whatcha Say (Feat. Imogen Heap)"

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In what must make Imogen Heap a very happy camper given her new album is out soon, some guy named Jason DeRulo sampled her epic and timeless "Hide And Seek" for his new song, and it's actually pretty good. When given the alternatives this week (seriously click that, it's dreadful), "Whatcha Say" is downright Beatles-esque.

Sampling "Hide And Seek" seems pretty obvious, and really he doesn't do a whole lot with it. I could see someone really chopping up her vocals and making something dirty out of it, but DeRulo wants to go the emotional route with this one, and he does a decent job. "Whatcha Say" is a song about wanting to make it up to your girl after getting caught cheating, presumably by becoming famous enough that she forgets you're an asshole. I applaud that logic.

Not a whole lot else to say about it. It's got the feel of a song that's either going to really catch on and become huge or just fall off the face of the earth. I'm hoping for the former, because there's far worse on the radio right now.

Jason DeRulo - "Whatcha Say (Feat. Imogen Heap)" (Download)

* My 100 YSI downloads limit is likely going to be reached in the near future for this. If it does and you really need this mp3: Google is your friend, kids.


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