Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Have An Electro Dance-y Dance Day

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These remixes have been kicking around my inbox for a while now, and today I feel is the day to whip them out. I know I'm a bit late in posting them, but I refuse to have my posts dictated by the blogosphere because I am MY OWN MAN.

I don't like posting remixes just for the sake of getting hits on HypeM, so let it be known: these are some dirty fucking remixes, otherwise they wouldn't appear here. The Pance Party remix is my new official workout theme, and the Brain Matters remixxx [sic] is just disgustingly good.

Check them out and show the artists some love.

The Presets - "Kicking And Screaming (Pance Party Remix)" (Download)

RQM - "Barely Evil (Brain Matters Remixxx)" (Download)


Brain Matters said...

Thanks For The Love!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous!! Must admit, I wasn't sold at first on the Presets song. But the drop at 1:00 kills and the dirty bass line at 1:58 makes this one hell of a track.