Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just Listen: Cool Catz

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Nostalgia FTW! There's something very old school about L.A. based rap duo Cool Catz. And it's wonderful.

This is the [fake] YE-LID exclusive on how Cool Catz were formed.

[Vanilla Ice enters the club. Sits down next to Del Tha Funky Homo Sapien.]

Del: Holy shit, it's Vanilla Ice!

Vanilla Ice: Yeah man, what's up?

Del: What've you been up to in the past twenty years?

VI: Y'know, just rap, beats, bitches. The usual. Been really working at my craft.

Del: So wait, you're saying you've become talented?

VI: Don't wanna be cocky, but fo sho.

Del: Then I challenge you to a rap battle. Right here. Right now.

VI: I accept.

[Del and Vanilla Ice both throw down dirty verses in the middle of the club. Crowd goes nuts. After much debate, battle is considered a tie.]

Del: Wow. That was incredible. I can't believe you don't suck anymore.

VI: I can't believe you managed to rap about bitches, what you had for breakfast, and the periodic table in thirty seconds.

Del: "Helium" and "feelin 'em" is a sick couplet.

[Both men pause.]

VI: We got that crowd pretty hyped...We really should start our own group.

Del: Done.

[Vanilla Ice and Del high five and exit the club. End scene.]

"Nitro" is the killer first release from this group which includes neither Vanilla Ice nor Del Tha Funky Homo Sapien. But still: get excited.

Cool Catz - "Nitro" (Download)

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