Monday, August 10, 2009

Resonance: "Alone in the Snow"

I've decided to experiment with a new little segment for the blog called Resonance. Which, in turn, is just a big excuse to share some music with you guys. Specifically tracks that are resonating a lot with me at the moment. Lately, I've been feeling some intense feelings of loneliness and these songs have really pulled at my chest, so to speak. Also, I apologize in advance for mentioning snow in the middle of summer.
First up is Matthew Dear's "Give Me More" from his 2007 debut, Asa Breed. The combination of the reverberating piano, the layered distant vocals and simplistic guitar is just so classic. I can really relate to the catchy, repetitive lyrics and I've yet to hear this track without singing along.
Matthew Dear - "Give Me More" (download)

Next is "Fill My Eyes" by the one and only Cat Stevens, from 1970's Mona Bone Jakon. Who knew such a folkish summery ballad would touch me all that much? This song always cheers me up when I'm feeling alone, and I'm not quite sure if it's the simplicity of it all, the subtle softness of the vocal delivery or a combination of the two.
Cat Stevens - "Fill My Eyes" (download)

Vashti Bunyan's 2005 release, Lookaftering, surprised me and I'm sure surprised many others. Breaking an almost 40-year hiatus, it made us wish she had been making music all those years. One track that sticks to me like bees on honey is "Same But Different". Beautiful baroque strings and woodwinds, and a flowing note progression in both her voice and the guitar. The feeling of sinking down into the ground is something I quite often associate with this track. Also, this song reminds me of something off of Midlake's The Trials of Van Occupanther.
Vashti Bunyan - "Same But Different" (download)

Last, but not least, is a track from Cyane's 2008 album, My Baby Blue. One that I have written about before, clearly a favourite of mine from the moment I first heard it. Once the little intro is finished and the magical-sounding piano comes in, "Stardust" goes from "good" to "breathtaking" in a single bound. The best imagery I can associate with this track is the leaves of trees flowing in the wind ever-so-slowly. That, or dying.
Cyané - "Stardust" (download)

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