Saturday, August 29, 2009

Throw Me The AWESOME

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It occurred to me this morning that despite the fact that I've told literally everyone who will listen how much I love the new Throw Me The Statue album, I have not yet done so in blog format. So here I go, imposing my viewpoint on you, the reader. And my viewpoint is this: Creaturesque is wonderful.

It definitely is a different album than its predecessor. Moonbeams had some amazing highs ("Lolita", "About To Walk", even "Young Sensualists"), but it was overall a tad inconsistent. Not so with Creaturesque, as each and every track is filled with gorgeous pop hooks and Scott Reitherman's sparse but perfect vocals.

Not that I have anything against "difficult" pop albums - because seriously, if you can find an album that does the impossible and knocks Merriweather Post Pavillion off the top of my best of 2009 list, let me know, as I've been trying rather desperately - but there's something refreshing about a record that goes for the pop jugular so incessantly. It feels like Reitherman stood behind his producer in the studio and screamed, "Hooks! I demand even more hooks!" Although to be honest, with that voice I can't picture him screaming in any sort of anger. I'm sure he asked nicely.

Throw Me The Statue - "Snowshoes" (Download)

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