Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Track Review: Diplo's Beats > Your Beats

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There's no doubt, Amanda Blank's debut LP I Love You has many moments where it's as terrifyingly bad as it's terrifyingly good. But my god, when I say terrifyingly good I mean terrifyingly. Like, The Shining terrifying.

"Something Bigger, Something Better" is one of those moments. Diplo lays down a beat that is sexy, for sure, but it's just so odd. I don't even really know how to describe the sounds that he intersperses throughout (though that one "ooo" noise sounds like a chocobo from the Final Fantasy series, and I only think that because I'm huge nerd). The awkwardness of it makes it an addicting track. Couple that with Blank's top notch sex romps, and suddenly you have a song you CAN'T PHYSICALLY STOP LISTENING TO.

I know P-Forkizzle dropped the "2.0" bomb on I Love You, but frankly I don't think it's that bad. There are certain tracks that are disastrous, but when you surround them with songs as plainly addictive as "Something Bigger, Something Better" or "Might Like You Better", I think those missteps can be [mostly] forgiven. Regardless, enjoy this.

Amanda Blank - "Something Bigger, Something Better" (Download)

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