Thursday, September 3, 2009

Billboard Thursday: Lady GaGa - "Paparazzi"

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It's a bird, it's a, it's Lady GaGa's next surefire hit! It debuted at #75 on Billboard this week, which doesn't sound that impressive until you remember that it's still being strangled by "Poker Face" and "Lovegame", both of which are still in the top forty.

"Paparazzi" is the least dance-y but arguably catchiest of all her singles thus far. The chorus is ridiculously awesome. If you don't feel the need to sing along to it, we likely aren't friends. She manages to pull off the rare feat of creating a bubblegum pop song that doesn't really sound a whole lot like bubblegum pop. Yummy.

I'm very happy to watch her world domination continue, and it's fun to see the way she's influencing a bunch of new acts who are putting a lot more effort into their fashion and infusing their sound with more dance undertones. I feel good about this.

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