Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dirty Sexy Disco

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Mmmm. That is what I have to say about Jessica 6.

As a group that was a part of Hercules And Love Affair's self-titled epic disco revival, they clearly have the pedigree. And while I wasn't the biggest fan of that album, I'm smart enough to know that anyone who had a part in something as exciting as that clearly has some creativity up their sleeve.

Jessica 6 takes Hercules' sound, keeps the disco, and than dirties it up. This ends up creating a sexy brand of music that's held together by Nomi Ruiz's endlessly sultry voice. Seriously, this woman could sing me an oatmeal recipe and I would likely get slightly aroused.

Check out a remix of their song "Fun Girl" below which they've been kind enough to allow as a free download.

Jessica 6 - "Fun Girl (Byzar Remix)” (Download)

Can I also just mention that right as I finished this review, a Jo Dee Messina song blasted on my iTunes? This caused me to think a few things:

1. That's interesting that Jo Dee Messina comes after Jessica 6 alphabetically.

2. Why the fuck is Jo Dee Messina in my iTunes.

3. I kind of like Jo Dee Messina.

4. No, I only kind of like this one Jo Dee Messina song.

5. No, I definitely kind of like Jo Dee Messina.

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