Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm Back / A Sunny Day In Glasgow

Beloved YE-LID Reader(s):

There was a time in the past when my contributions to this fine blog decreased and eventually ceased, due to a deteriorating rural Internet connection and the looming task of getting ready to begin my university education this September. Thankfully, this period has come to an end as I am fully moved in here at Queen’s and have an Internet connection that is positively ablaze. Furthermore, Kingston’s strategic position between Montreal and Ottawa means that there will be some great shows here that I will occasionally review. Now let’s get to some music!

A Sunny Day In Glasgow is a Philadelphia four-piece that does nothing that you haven’t heard before, but is pleasing nonetheless and stands up to repeated listens. Identical twin sisters lead the vocal charge on “Ashes Grammar – Ashes Math”, their effervescent melodies floating in and out of the mix amid shoegazey guitars and a conventional drumbeat that prevents the whole thing from slipping into the ether.

In short, a nice, light, dreamy slice of ambient pop that’ll brighten up your Friday. Watch out for A Sunny Day In Glasgow’s new album of the same name as thing song, which came out a mere 3 days ago. Enjoy the download and streaming audio below. Happy listening!

A Sunny Day In Glasgow - "Ashes Grammar – Ashes Math" (download)

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Your Ex-Lover said...

I'm glad for two things:

1. That Ken is back.
2. That Ken reminded me how amazing this band is and how much I need their new album.

Thank you for both.