Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Resonance: "Blissify Me, Cap'n!"

Yarrrr, mateys! It be I, yer one n' only Jolly Rogers, and this be a wee bit o' music to soothe the ears, and bring ye happiness.
Let's begin with the first track in this article (which, if you haven't yet guessed, is about songs that really make you feel happy. Or me feel happy, rather. One can only hope they do the same to you.) Frank Zappa's music represents happiness for me, as a whole, and upon hearing 1972's The Grand Wazoo over and over, I was eventually drawn to this track. Partly due to its instant and abrupt start, and partly because of the wide range of instruments used to follow the silliest of melodies. When Zappa and his vocalists sing over the main melody, my cheeks light up and I instantly feel good.
Frank Zappa - "Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus" (download)

Next up is "Exactly Where I'm At" by Ween. Much like Zappa, Ween really has fun with their music. The lo-fi, rhythmic start to this track is quite easy to get behind. The vocals come in and the wet synth slightly brushes against you, then the vocals double and the actual drum beat kicks in. Bringing you from a dull colourless cavern to a meadow of energy, quickly. The vocal progression is so blatantly catchy and the guitar solo doesn't hurt the track either. "Let's begin with the past in front." What a line.
Ween - "Exactly Where I'm At" (download)

This track represents fleeting emotions to me. With a vocal melody that makes you feel like everything's going to be okay, marimba xylophone, a drum beat set in its ways, and numbing organ to support it all. Horn accompaniment at the perfect moment? Check. Distant vocal layering? Check. Repetitive carefree lyrics? Check. Pure psychedelia.
Donovan - "Wear Your Love Like Heaven" (download)

This last song takes me to a happy place. To me, Nirvana's "Dumb", is the anthem to "settling for less". It inspires you to never want to, and to reach higher. Simplistic dirty guitar, with a next-to-perfect sound on the drums. Kurt's voice lacks ambition here. I can surely relate. and I imagine most of you reading this can, too. The emotionless repetition of "I think I'm dumb" stays with me, long after the song has ended.
Nirvana - "Dumb" (download)

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