Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Track Review: Midnight Juggernauts - "This New Technology"

Seeing as “Tombstone” was THE song of Summer ’08, it was with some anticipation that I approached “This New Technology”, the new track by Midnight Juggernaughts that will be appearing on an album of the same name sometime in 2010.

Y’know how disappointment can be described as the demolishing of anticipation? Well, look no further, beloved readers.

“Tombstone”, and the whole of Dystopia for that matter, was exciting, dynamic and fun. On the other hand, I think this song has some sort of half-baked, heavy-handed commentary on the emergence of technology, brought to you by what sounds like rather old technology (cheesy-ass synths). This whole song sounds like a throw-back, which may be a stab at irony, but it’s also a (rather successful) stab at making mediocre music. Furthermore, the last minute and a half of this tune is a pointless, rather uninteresting outro that robs the song of any accumulated energy as it drifts off into space (where it should probably stay.)

See for yourself in streaming audio and download below. Happy listening!

Midnight Juggernauts - ”This New Technology” (Download)

And, for a moment, let’s remember the good times...

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