Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who loves Pance Party? I do.

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Y'all know I can't resist a Pance Party track. I came across this one a while a go, but at that point it was part of a remix contest and I didn't have clearance to post it. Well, now I do. Score one for YE-LID.

It's pretty surreal to hear Lil Jon getting mixed up in Pance Party's hard-as-fuck electro world. Listening to Swizz Beatz yell something about "tryin' to get that Oprah" over a shredding sample awesome as it sounds.

Check it out below, and continue to support the PP boys. They've quickly become my favourite remixers.

Lil Jon - "I Do" (Pance Party Remix) (Download) (Removed by DMCA request.)

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