Thursday, October 8, 2009

Billboard Thursday: Owl City - "Fireflies"

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Owl City is something of a guilty pleasure of mine. No, their "Postal Service's less indie cousin" schtick can get old from time to time, but occasionally you just need a dose of unadulterated electronic sugar. For those times, Owl City is here to deliver.

Why have they gotten such mainstream success even while in the centre of the clusterfuck that is Postal Service rip-offs? I think it has something to do with the earnestness of the lyrics, which are both the band's more endearing and most annoying quality. They throw out a lot of clunkers, but occasionally they hit gold with the kind of lines that are tailor-made for Facebook statuses.

"Fireflies" is one of the times they get it right, which is why I imagine it's bordering on the top ten of the Billboard charts. It's simple and charming, with the auto-tuned vocals flowing seamlessly over the electronic backing track. It's not a monumental artistic achievement, but it certainly is pretty. And really, what's wrong with that?

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