Thursday, October 29, 2009

Billboard Thursday: Trey Songz - "I Invented Sex (Feat. Drake)"

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This song is shockingly awesome.

I'm incredibly ill, so I will simply list all the reasons this song breaks through it's potential mitigating factors (namely, Trey Songz) and becomes amazing:

1. The chorus is spectacular. The Dream-esque vocal hook combined with the song's ludicrously incredible claim - "Girl you gon' think I invented sex" - makes for something catchy and over-the-top, a.k.a. the elements of the best pop songs.

2. The fact that Trey references Usher in verse two is a nice wink to the audience moment. He's fully aware this sounds like an Usher track and is completely alright acknowledging it as such.

3. Drake, always dependable for guest verses, makes a solid appearance that starts weak but returns to his usual level by the end.

4. The beat flows effortlessly and inoffensively, allowing for Trey to walk all over it in the best way possible.


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Dr. President said...

You think THIS song is fantastic? Surely you jest.