Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I really want to post the new Rihanna single.

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But here's the thing.

It got released about half an hour a go. I'm in class, and have yet to hear it. Frankly, while I am obnoxious enough to make a blog post in the middle of class, I'm not obnoxious enough to take out my headphones and freak out to the new Rihanna single in the middle of class.

Also because of this dilemma, I can't really preview which YouTube video I can embed here because, once again, I am in class and not that obnoxious. So, here are some potential options of the real single. I'm just gonna throw some digital shit at the proverbial wall and see what sticks.

Here's what I do know for a fact based on early returns.

1. It's a ballad. Boo.

2. It's quite edgy. Yay.

3. It's new Rihanna. Double yay.

I really hope when I get home in an hour I find that one of those videos is legitimately the new Rihanna single. I'm so professional.

There's also a fierce new promo picture of her out for the single (viewable in all the above YouTube clips), but alas, looking at it in the middle of class whilst surrounded by judgmental twenty-somethings would be...awkward.

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Palimsessed said...

haha so none of those are viewable in Canada. damn