Saturday, October 24, 2009

To the beloveds who send me e-mails.


The last couple months have been crazy since I moved back to school, and because of that I've had less time for checking the blog e-mail. I've gotten tons of talented people sending me shit, and I haven't had the time to post a good portion of it. This is my making like Little Boots and remedying this shitty situation.

Here's thirteen artists I've really enjoyed from my e-mail, listed from oldest to newest.

Disclaimer: All of these artists deserve far longer write-ups; these accumulation posts won't be happening often if I have anything to say about it.

The Willowz
Like the White Stripes, but with a badass female leading instead of a man who occasionally looks like a badass female.

The Willowz - "Repetition"

Some lovely pop-y shoegaze-y garage-y goodness.

Polynya - "Calico"

The Forcefield Kids
Posted about these British rappers before, and they just released a new EP. And by "just" I mean they e-mailed it to me a month a go and I haven't posted it yet.

The Forcefield Kids - "Razorblades"

Blane Fonda
Another we wrote about a while a go, most recent single "Salacious Love" is probably their best work to date.

Blane Fonda - "Salacious Love"

Joshua Jesty
Someone I really should've written about a long time a go (well, all of these people are). Spectacularly good indie rock.

Joshua Jesty - "Someone Worth Hurting"
(click here to download, it's m4a so I can't embed)

Harper Simon

Harper Simon - "Shooting Star"

Little Dragon
Lovely, slightly electronic music.

Little Dragon - "Blinking Pigs"

Old World Vulture
A lot of interesting elements in this one, grasshopper. Part of a cool "single-a-month" promotion, too. Good news is that since I'm nearly a month late with this post, new single should be released soon.

Old World Vulture - "Benny"

SO MUCH SOUL IT NEEDS TO BE EXPRESSED IN ALL CAPS. Girl is straight up talented.

Nneka - "The Uncomfortable Truth"

Gorgeous indie electro-pop from Toronto. All of the facts in that previous sentence make me pre-destined to adore this band.

Digits - "Nonstop"

The Heligoats
This is frighteningly good folk music. Frighteningly.

The Heligoats - "Turn Down The Offer"

Coke Rats
This is slightly weirder frighteningly good folk music.

Coke Rats - "Earth Girl"

Yura Yura Teikoku
They're signed to DFA, so obviously I adore them.

Yura Yura Teikoku - "Dekinai"

All these mp3s can be downloaded by clicking on the "share" button on the embedded player.


Anonymous said...

what album is that Heligoats song from?

Your Ex-Lover said...

From Blip Tape, I believe.

Anonymous said...


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