Tuesday, November 3, 2009

50 Cent = Douche

Is there anything that represents more douchebaggery than a rapper sampling himself for a new song? I'm not talking about someone using a vocal hook, I'm talking about taking a sample from an album you put out approximately two years a go and using it on your new album. Like this:

50 Cent has long ceased to be relevant, but this is just too hilarious not to make mention of. This is presumably a new single (I'm not sure, I just found it) and it takes a line from "I Got Money" and samples it for the hook ("Have a baby by me, baby / Be a millionaire").

Now, "I Got Money" is one of his best songs, and pretty much the only redeemable quality of his last record. But still: it's awkward to sample yourself, and even more awkward to sample the last legitimate hit you had. That's like Timberlake sampling "Sexy Back" for his new single. It's just not right.

"Baby By Me" isn't going to put Fifty back into the limelight, but it will reinforce how unintentionally hilarious he can be. And really, that's his role at this point: all his new singles just spotlight the fact that he's now a parody of himself so we can laugh amongst ourselves and then get the fuck down to "Just A Lil' Bit". Which is to say that it's impossible to hate "Baby By Me" because it's just continuing the natural order of things.

Now someone throw on "Candy Shop".


Anonymous said...

fuck hater get life it g-unit all day

Anonymous said...

this blog is wackest on net btw 50cent told you suck aid dick

Your Ex-Lover said...

No, 50 told me go 'head switch the style up, and if they hate then let 'em hate and watch the money pile up. I recall no such mention of dick.

Anonymous said...

50 is irrelevant? Hes with aftermath... do you know anything about rap? stick to lady gaga

Anonymous said...

Get with the times! Eminem has been sampling himself for ages.

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