Thursday, November 19, 2009

Billboard Thursday: Anya Marina - "Whatever You Like (T.I. Cover)"

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In what is easily one of the sexiest scenes in the history of the show, Gossip Girl had a threesome a couple episodes a go. This is the song that soundtracks it.

Here, Anya Marina does a T.I. cover that works on so many different levels. It's not kitschy like so many indie covers of rap songs are; it's subtle, sexy, and takes on a whole new meaning in her breathy voice. And really, that's what the best covers do: provide a whole new perspective on a song that had previously been considered in only one context. It got her noticed, too, as this popped up on the tail end of the charts this week.

In short, this is pretty spectacular.


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Anonymous said...

I was kind of hoping the video was better ha but i like the song!

Anonymous said...

i agree to that

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