Thursday, November 12, 2009

Black Moth!!! Super Rainbow!!!

I've been in such a brilliant and cheerful mood these past couple of days. Just turning 20, redefining my relationships with family and close friends in a positive way, playing gigs, jamming harder and better than I ever have, and feeling great about myself. Thus, this post is really just an excuse to post a track that, isn't altogether that recent but, has been feeding that wonderful feeling. Black Moth Super Rainbow's "Smile the Day After Today" from their 2009 LP Eating Us. The simplicity in the note-flow of the synth, the hoppy bass line holding the track together like glue, and the subtle use of tambourine and other percussive instruments draped over the drum pattern all get at me, and well. The song seems to brighten an incredible amount, without overwhelming the listener and with perfect balance. Now that is good feeling & production, if I do say so myself.

Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Smile the Day After Today" (download)

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