Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rediscovery: The Virgin Suicides Original Score by Air

How did I forget about this album for so long? A recent sojourn reveals what makes good music (and soundtracks) great. Majestic and fragile, epic and intimate, The Virgin Suicides encompasses contrasting moods and tones adhered by several recurring themes. Indisputably Air's finest work, they take their trademark style and apply it on a much grander level to great effect. Listen to it on the train or while walking in the park. Hands down my favourite soundtrack, and yes, this includes YOU, Mark Mothersbaugh. Essential listening for anyone who has ever even kinda liked anything that even sounds a little bit like Air.

Below is "Afternoon Sister," my favourite track, for download and streaming audio, but do yourself a favour and listen to the whole thing. Happy Listening!

Air – “Afternoon Sister” (Download)

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