Monday, December 28, 2009

Well isn't this just WONDERFUL!

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So yeah, this crazy thing happened called LIFE. It's this odd phenomenon where shit happens and it happens all at once, leaving you with no spare time for novelties like kick-ass music blogs. And it's at this point that I've decided to say FUCK LIFE and rise like a phoenix from the ashes to start providing our lovely readers with some lovely content. It's all rather lovely.

There might be some changes coming around these parts. I'm wholly unsure of what these changes are, but just assume they will be mindblowing and incredible.

In the meantime, my favourite remixers Pance Party (quite literally my favourite) have dropped another banger on us, as they've once again teamed up with Chester French. This is a good combo, my friends. Good indeed.

Check it and the badass video for it (which is also doubling as our video of the week since we haven't had one of those in...well, more than a week). And you can get all this badassery in one spot right here.


Chester French - "C'Mon (Pance Party Remix)" (Download)

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