Sunday, January 17, 2010

Narnia and the music industry? That's a shitload of conquering.

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The pro's and con's of Toronto-via-Elora pop act Prince Caspian.

Pro: Prince Caspian is quite an excellent name for one's project.
Con: His real name is David Fischer, meaning he is not, in fact, the actual Prince Caspian. MISLEADING.

Pro: The Nineteen EP is fresh and current, but also rather mature in its storytelling abilities.
Con: David is not really nineteen. SUSPICIOUS.

Pro: There's some Owl City-ness going on here, except Prince Caspian has managed to strip away some of the more grating aspects of that model (read: some of the overly cutesy bits, the occasional painful couplet) while hanging onto its best qualities (read: the inherent catchiness, relatability).
Con: Prince Caspian is not yet as famous as Owl City. UNFORTUNATE BUT CHANGEABLE.

I've had the title track "Nineteen" on repeat for quite a while now, and I suggest you check out his MySpace here so you'll know when the EP becomes available in the next couple weeks.

Prince Caspian - "Nineteen" (Download)

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